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Products resulting from human creative activities can and should be applied and protected because they constitute an immaterial asset of their creator.

The Law of Intellectual Property defines and regulates the types and forms of protection that can be obtained, resulting from the characteristics of these creative products.

In Brazil, the protection of rights with respect to one of the subdivisions of Intellectual Property, namely industrial property, is corroborated by the granting of patents of invention (PI) and models of utility (MU), the granting of the registration of industrial design (DI), the granting of the registration of trademarks, the suppression of false geographical indications, and the suppression of unfair competition.

There are International Organizations whose specific function is the management of this area. Examples are the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), created to stimulate Intellectual Property worldwide by the cooperation between States. More recently, the World Organization of Commerce has entered into this scenario, dedicated to the construction, defense, and development of a world system of commerce.

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