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Protection granted to authors of literary, artistic, and scientific works, such as books, theatrical plays, music, painting, sculpture, and architectural plans, among others.


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To be protected by copyright law, a work must be in the domain of the arts, of literature, or of the sciences, and be original and not in the public domain.

The application for Copyright registration varies depending on the type of work to be protected and must be made to the Institution legally designated for that purpose.

National Library Foundation

The following can be registered at the Copyright Office (CO): books, poetry, music (lyrics and/or musical compositions), drawings, and photographs.

The registration application, accompanied by all the necessary documentation, will receive a certificate of receipt when delivered to the CO headquarters.

A formal analysis of the documentation will be performed to verify if the Regulations are complied with, without taking into consideration the qualitative merit of the work. The result of the analysis can result in further requirements, which must be responded to within 60 (sixty) days. The failure to comply with these requirements will be considered as a withdrawal of the application.

If an application is rejected, an Appeal can be lodged within 30 (thirty) days.

A work is considered registered when the application is granted and the respective Certificate is issued. The registration protects the exclusivity of the form of the expression of the work but not the ideas contained therein.

National School of Music

Musical works can be registered at the School of Music / UFRJ in different ways, individually or grouped in files containing several works: lyrics, musical composition, lyrics and musical composition.

The grouped works must all be by the same author or, in the case of a partnership, of the same partners. If there are different partners, the lyrics and/or the musical compositions must be copied, and another file opened for each author and partner.

The registration application form must be accompanied by a report of all the titles and, in the same order, of the lyrics and/or musical compositions located in the file, duly signed by the author.

The content of the works to be registered is not analyzed. The copyright registration is a simple precautionary measure, with the objective of declaring the rights of the author, exclusively, with respect to that registered and the manner of the registration. It offers the author the juris tantum presumption of the ownership of the work.

School of Fine Arts

According to the law, works of "design (jewelry, characters, logos, etc.), photography, painting, water colors, engraving, sculpture, and lithography" can be registered as works of art. Applied art can also be registered, "provided that its artistic value can be dissociated from the industrial character of the object to which it is connected".

The registration application must be made on the School of Fine Arts / UFRJ application form. The claimant is entirely responsible for the information provided, such as the authorship, originality, personal details, etc.

Each application must be accompanied by two legible productions of the work, signed by the author, with a minimum size of 10 cm, and a maximum size of 20 cm, when the reproductions are photocopies. The applicant is entirely responsible for possible fading of the printed document by the action of time over the work.

If there are further requirements, these must be responded to within 60 (sixty) days, under penalty of the application being ordered abandoned.

When the registration process has documentation in a foreign language, it must be translated into Portuguese by a sworn public translator (sworn translation).

If there is an assignment of property rights, there must be an assignment contract with the signature of the assignor (with an officially recognized signature), the signature of the assignee, and the signature and details of the two witnesses (complete name and CPF/social insurance number).

Any company that is a party to the registration application must provide a copy of its Articles of Incorporation or Corporate Charter (the most recent version).

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